Traveling is a Drug

Jan 25 2016

Traveling is a Drug

"I am 58 years old. I fish for a living every day except Sunday and I love my life."

“I am 58 years old. I fish for a living, everyday except Sunday and I love my life.”

Travelling is my drug of choice, it is highly addictive. Some people spend their money on collecting baseball cards or vintage cars as there addiction. Me I crave the experience of travelling to different places and learning all about how other people survive. how they find joy and love on this planet weather they are more or less fortunate then me. Traveling to me is the ultimate satisfaction in life, staying grounded in one place makes me feel suffocated, boxed in and away from the rest of the world. When I travel I feel free, getting lost helps one find there true self. Internet allows us to understand the world from one place, but reading about it does not give you the same experience of living it. The internet blessed us as a tool to travel don’t get it confused as a substitute. Through out my travels I have always been fascinated by human interaction with a Lagrange barrier, humans are humans no matter where you are. Everyone has emotions, shows feelings and thoughts through there eyes and body language. Interacting with sign language and emotion is beautiful to me. The universal smile and giggle will be understood by anyone. I rather spend my money on a life experience that lasts forever and makes me a better person then a materialistic product that will go to waste eventually. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all about money, but it is a huge factor of life. Many of us including myself have been Brian washed to a certain degree from society. The only way to beat it is to be awear of it and not let it get the best of your life.

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