The City Of Chaos

Apr 16 2018

The City Of Chaos

Fun fact, Ho Chi Minh City otherwise known as Saigon has over 8 million people, 7.4 million motor bikes and only 2 million cars. A yellow light in Saigon literally means speed up, if there’s a light at all !! it’s a crazy place and a must visit on your way through Vietnam.

We have been fortunate enough to visit this happening city two times now. Our most recent stay in the city was short but sweet, some amazing street Pho and some good shopping consumed most of our time during the day but at night we tore up Buivien walking Street. It’s the Koh San Road of Vietnam, full of life with music coming from every angle, bright lights flashing and locals all trying to pull you into there bar.

Ho Chi Minh City is expensive for Vietnam but still very affordable. Our budget here was $40 CAN per day and we just about hit it.

If you want to do all the tours like the war museums and Tunnels you’ll exceed this budget but if you can handle the walking and cheap food hunt you’ll be able to stay well under this.

HoChi Min City is a fantastic place to shop. There are many markets spread throughout the city. “Hello Lady, Hello Lady, Buy Something, hello man, hello lady, what are you looking for, buy something.” It’s quite the experience walking through one of these markets be prepared for Chaos. Locals yelling at everyone walking by shoving product in your face sometimes even physical trying to pull you into there shop. The best buys here are under Amor and Nike gear but the selections are endless.

We will defiantly be back to this colourful city! I’d recommend adding it to your list if your a city lover. Check out our Instagram page for more cool travel content! @whynot_wander

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