Hoi An, Vietnam

Mar 22 2016

Hoi An, Vietnam

A dangerous place for those who love to shop, Hoi An.


A world famous destination for tailor made clothing, where any type of fabric you want can be found to turn into, well pretty much anything you want. The city has more to offer then just shopping. Hoi An used to be Vietnams capital and is home to a beautiful canal rated 4th nicest in the world as of 2014. Old town Hoi An is very nice to see filled with nice restaurants, loads of shopping and lots of bars to try the local beer. I had two tailor made short sleeve dress shirts made for me for only 30 dollars U.S I chose my fabric they measured me up and by the next day they were ready for pick up. For the ladies, my girl friend, steph bought two tailor made dresses for 50 dollars U.S. She went into the store and told them what she wanted and they completely costumed the dress in the fabric of her choice. The next day we went into the shop she tried them on and they made adjustments with in 30 mins to ensure a perfect fit. This place is dangerous if you love to shop as we do, luckily we didn’t have to much space in our backpacks so we didn’t blow all of our money. Although there was an option to make a shipment home, to Canada 3 month delivery would have only costed us 13 dollars U.S for the first 1KG and 3 dollars U.S for every KG after that. Hoi An has a market every night near the river open until 10 pm, after the market all the bars on the river side start to fill up offering good drink deals. Hoi An is also home to a very nice beach 4km out of old town, unfortunately it was a bit to chilly for the beach. Highly suggested to rent a motor bike and cruise around the town as well as out side the town, we rented ours for $4 US and had it all day. Very cool place to visit, it’s a bit more of a laid back vibe then most cities in northern Vietnam, good food, nice people, and the best cloth shopping!



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