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SAS Photo|Cinema is a photography company in the Greater Toronto Area and Barrie. With top of the line equipment, and over 20 years collected experience, it’s no wonder the photography that SAS Photo|Cinema creates, is loved by all.


SAS Photo|Cinema has the most creative brains working on your cinematic masterpiece. Creating cinematic video is much more difficult then just setting up a tripod and hitting record. With the efforts and skills used to create your stunning video, you will want to be sharing it with family and friends for years or using it to propel your business forward.

Toronto at night

Leading the way in the Photo/Cinema world, At SAS Photo|Cinema you can get an aerial “Birds Eye View” incorporated into your images, and  video. See why drone photography, and drone cinematography is the new modern way of capturing the moments.

Modern Technology! Creative Thinking! Capturing Special Moments!

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The challenge of photography is capturing the moment and making that experience come to life in a photo. Our Creative Professionals can Capture Your Special Moments, and deliver a unique look that will make your images stand out from the rest. SAS Photo Cinema specializes in Wedding Photography, Real Estate Photography and Life Style Photography.

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Video has become more then just putting up a tripod and hitting record. With the right Professional Hi Def equipment and experienced operator, we will give you Hollywood Professional Movie Quality that you will cherish forever. SAS Photo Cinema can fulfill all of your video needs, from Weddings and Promotional Videos to Real Estate Tours and Music Videos.

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With the Digital Age of Internet, Social Media, and Instant Messaging, what better way to share your special life events. By posting to Our Social Media Site, we make it easy for you to share those creative images and cinematic videos with your friends and family.

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Elaborate Destination Weddings or Special Events can be full of challenges and surprises. The team at SAS Photo|Cinema has traveled the world, so nothing is new or surprising. No matter where your event is, SAS Photo|Cinema will be there!

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Manipulating Images and Video has been a common practice since the beginning of Photography. With the Technology and the Skills we posses, this manipulation is more of an art rather than luck. We utilize professional hardware, software, and equipment to create the perfect quality shots.

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Love for the Job

SAS Photo|Cinema loves Photography, and Cinematography so much, that every photo, or video, is taken for the love of the art, and the love of the job. Each time SAS Photo|Cinema goes out for shoots, every shot is taken with Precision, Accuracy, and Passion.

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Sean Agostino

Highlights on Sean

Sean Agostino is the Founder and Main photographer/Cinematographer for SAS Photo|Cinema. Sean was born in the GTA of Ontario Canada, and was raised in one of the greatest families north of York! Since a kid Sean has always had a passion for the arts, mainly Cinema, and Photography! He has always watched movies and looked at photos telling himself he could have made it better. This is what Sean is doing now, Sean is following his passion, he is creating what he believes is the future of cinema, and photography. Let Sean create your scene!


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